Assange accuses Spanish state of influencing Amnesty International Madrid to cover up abuses

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The silence of Amnesty International in Madrid has not gone unnoticed by Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, a supporter of the Catalan cause, who today denounced the Spanish State, and accused them of using the NGO to informally cover public abuses of the State against the pro-independence political leaders.

In an Amnesty tweet, “we do not use the term” political prisoner “because there is no international definition. We use the expression ‘prisoner of conscience’”. “We do not consider the members of the Government prisoners of conscience because they are accused of actions that constitute crime”. Assange denounced this position stating that  “Spain is using Amnesty International in Madrid to provide rhetorical coverage of State abuses. It is obvious to all that the 10 Catalans are political prisoners according to the same definition Amnesty has used in other cases”.  Assange then attached a text where it is seen that the term “political prisoner” is used by Amnesty, internationally, to define individuals who are in legal causes for political reasons.

Along the same lines, Congress Deputy from the Democratic Party of Catalonia (PDeCAT) Míriam Nogueras also showed how Amnesty International in Madrid liefd in saying they have never used the term “political prisoner”, with an image where up to six tweets can be seen where Amnesty makes use of the term.

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