Eight professors from La Seu d’Urgell called to court for having held a debate about the 1-O in class

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By VilaWeb staff writers, 6th November, 2017, 10:00pm

This morning at 9.00am eight teachers from three schools in La Seu d’Urgell appeared in the court of first instance and instruction of the city to have a debate about the events of the first of October in class with the students. They are the director and four teachers from Albert Vives school, the director and a professor at the Pau Claris center and a director of La Salle. According to the USTEC union, there will be no support manifestation on behalf of the accused.

The eight teachers were denounced for a presumed crime of incitement to hatred. According to the Segre newspaper, the allegations say that the professors introduced debate topics of a “Catalanist” tone, denouncing Spaniards. At the Albert Vives school, a group of parents collected almost two hundred signatures to support the teachers.

The complaint was lodged on October 18 by a group of parents. According to the judge’s statement, which was accessed by the Europa Press agency, the complainants explained that a child “had been the victim of humiliations, insults and even aggression” because his mother was a member of the Civil Guard [Guardia Civil]. They asserted that the rest of the students and professors present, were aware of these facts.

The unions criticize the complainants
The CGT Teaching union issued a statement in which it gave public support to the eight teachers and encouraged teachers to continue promoting the critical spirit of the students. The union also criticized the ‘demagoguery’ of those who they believe are pulling the strings to encourage these complaints against teachers (PP, Ciutadanos and Catalan Civil Society). He also asserted that they were accomplices to attempts to eliminate matters such as the fundamental structure of school curricula as well as to subsidize centers where there is discrimination of sexes and an explicit religious indoctrination.

Along the same lines, CCOO (Union: Workers’ Commissions of Catalonia) complained in a statement that the political community had, for weeks, been waging a ‘criminalization campaign’ on the educational community. The union criticized the allegations against professors of the Seu d’Urgell which it claimed had not followed the usual complaint procedure of the Department of Education, which has created ‘discomfort and anxiety’ throughout the educational community. In addition, CCOO suspects a ‘pre-meditated action’ by the complainants.

The UGT (General Union of Workers) also published a statement to express its support for the teachers and recalled that the Catalan school has always been a model of social cohesion and coexistence. It also expressed surprise that the complainants had not resorted to the usual bodies or procedures to solve a problem of coexistence. ‘We believe that the debate in classrooms is always enriching and that it can never be considered a crime,’ says the union.

On the other hand, the support committee for Catalan education of La Seu d’Urgell has also collected signatures in support of both catalan education and the eight professors. 40,000 were delivered to the town hall. The mayor of La Seu d’Urgell, Albert Batalla, yesterday received the members of the commission and made a positive assessment of the citizen response. “La Seu School has always been a model of social cohesion, good learning and collaboration between different educational centers,” Batalla added in a statement from the city council.

United against Catalan education
These complaints come at a time when the PP and Ciutdanos party have been reopening the controversy over accusations of indoctrination made in Catalan schools, tending towards a position of independentism. These accusations are rejected by all the teaching unions and have already generated a manifesto with more than 280,000 signatures against the words of the leader of the PP in Catalonia, Xavier García Albiol, who says that in Catalan schools he was educated to hate Spain.

The educational community also organised several manifestations to reject accusations of indoctrination and in defense of the model of language immersion and the professionalism of the teachers of the Catalan educational system.

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