Amnesty International condemns Judge Lamela’s decision to keep Sànchez and Cuixart in prison

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Photo: Sànchez and Cuixart (Archive Photo by Omnium)

Amnesty International reacted today to the decision by judge Carmen Lamela, of the National Court of Spain, to continue holding the presidents of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Jordi Sànchez, and Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, in jail, where they have been since October 16th. “It’s a step in the wrong direction,” said the organization, a global Human Rights watchdog.

Two days after they were remanded in custody, pre-trial, Amnesty International stated that the provisional prison was an “excessive” restriction on their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and requested that the charges for which they were investigated were withdrawn and an end “immediately put” to the provisional prison.
Esteban Beltrán, Director at Amnesty International, once again stressed that the restrictions on the exercise of freedom of expression must “always” be applied in a “proportionate” way and using the “least intrusive ” instrument. In this particular case, pre-trial custody “remains disproportionate,” he said.

The organization alerted the Spanish State that it will “closely follow” the judicial procedure to verify that it complies with all guarantees.

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