Stephen Colbert on Catalonia: ‘Nothing is more democratic than imprisoning elected officials!’

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The imprisonment of half of the Catalan government was a focus of one of the main ‘Late shows’ in the United States last night. Comedian Stephen Colbert dedicated a four minute monologue to the situation in Catalonia, sarcastically calling it ‘Spain: another country trying to restore democracy’. The program, which is broadcast on the CBS chain, has a daily audience that exceeds two million.

Colbert explains that since the parliament proclaimed independence, Spain has been experiencing a political crisis:

«Spain has jailed eight of the members of the Catalan government and issued an arrest warrant for its president, who is exiled in Belgium. All this while the Spanish Prime Minister said: “I have decided to convene free, clean and legal elections to restore democracy.” Everyone knows that there is nothing more democratic than imprisoning everyone who has been chosen by the people.”

The humorist reviews the history of Catalonia and emphasizes that Catalans have their own language, culture and laws. Colbert affirms that the Principality is ‘an economic power’ that drives Spain as it accounts for a fifth of GDP and a quarter of exports. ‘The Catalans consider that they pay too many taxes and they are poorly represented in a country that still has a king, Felipe VI,’ he says.

“Americans know some things about getting rid of a monarchy that makes you pay unfair taxes and also how to start a new country. Trust us, you need courage and determination.”

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