Who is behind the “Sociedad Civil Catalana” group?

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October 31st, 2017

Over the last few days a Spanish association covering the Catalan region, the Catalan Civil Society (SCC), has been on the covers of major national newspapers to be the promoting large movements in Catalonia in favor of the “unity of Spain.”

Here are a number of Spanish media references to these mass demonstrations:

El País:

El Mundo:


These large media outlets raise the “large mobilization”, and such praise even found its way on to the Twitter profile of the National Police, accompanied by an aerial view of the demonstration:

But what these mainstream media do not tell you is who is behind the SCC.

Journalist Jordi Borràs wrote a book entitled ‘Dismantling Catalan Civil Society: Who they are, what they hide and what they do to prevent the independence of Catalonia’ (Saldonar, 2015) which consists of an in-depth document about the internal workings of this association, which has proven to be a clumsy regional extension of the “caverna Española” [a term similar to referring to Washington DC as “the swamp”, implying a sort of hegemony or oligarchical political/economic structure in and around Madrid, the Partido Popular and descendants of dictator Francisco Franco.]

Its president is Mariano Gomà, a 64-year-old architect who is sympathetic to the Popular Party, something he does not hide in his Twitter profile.

The vice presidents are José Domingo, a former deputy for the Ciutadanos Party in the Parliament; the doctor and PSC militant Alex Ramos, and the PP militant Miriam Tey, sister-in-law of the Catalan Jorge Moragas, director of the Cabinet, right-hand man of Mariano Rajoy.

The association has seventy-five partners, many of them, according to Jordi Borràs, with links to parties or groups of radicals, fascists, xenophobes or neo-Nazis, such as Somatemps, Spanish Falange, Platform for Catalonia, Blue and White Brigades, Casal Tramuntana or Glossators of the Blue Division and the Hitlerian Condor Legion.

An extract from an article in Crític, written by Borràs, called “The hidden connections to the extreme right of Societat Civil Catalana” is relevant here:

“On the day of the presentation, the Victoria Theater was too small to welcome all the people who wanted to attend. Among the crowd there were numerous political and cultural personalities. From deputies of Ciutadanos, the PP, representatives of UPyD, to a leader of the PSC: Joan Rangel, who was a delegate of the Government in Catalonia during Zapatero’s term. Neither the PSC nor the PSOE sent an official delegation to the presentation of SCC and Rangel was attending in a personal capacity. This was not the case, however, for the representatives of the Vox ultraconservative group, led by their secretary general, Santiago Abascal, and by their coordinator in Barcelona, ​​Ariadna Hernández, also known for her involvement in the activities of the neo-fascist Casal Tramuntana. The xenophobic party Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC) sent five representatives, headed by Robert Hernando, their secretary general.

In the seats of the theater there was also a delegation sent by the Francisco Franco Foundation, an entity that receives public subsidies from the Spanish State and is dedicated to praising and exalting the figure of the fascist dictator. As if this were not enough, a representation of the Republican Social Movement (MSR) was also present at the event. Care must be taken with this neo-Nazi party, since it is part of the European Alliance of National Movements, an alliance of European ultra-rightist parties formed, among others, by the Italian Llama Tricolor, the British National Party and the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik). The MSR also has contacts and very good relations with the Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) and is one of the associates in Spain of the Greek party Golden Dawn. A few days after the introduction of SCC, Jordi de la Fuente, leader of the MSR, said in statements to the press that his organization had had a certain influence on the production of the presentation of SCC. De la Fuente reinforced the SCC statements saying that “in many of the ideas proposed by the SCC on how to approach Catalanness, we agree, because we have proposed them ourselves”.

It must be said that the organizations which have come out supporting each call for manifestations by SCC are xenophobic, ultraconservative and from the far right, such as: Falange Española de las JONS (FE JONS), National Democracy, Sovereignty and Freedom (SyL), Vox, MSR, Somatemps, the Carlist Traditionalist Communion (CTC), the PxC, the Casal Tramuntana, a large group of hooligans supporting Espanyol [football club], the Blue and Whites Brigades (BBBB), not to mention that, a neo-Nazi collective, Hogar Social Madrid, who attended the most recent manifestation.

The social media account @CervantesFAQ goes on to explain, in a series of tweets, the links between the SCC, the Partido Popular, and the extreme right.

Who finances Catalan Civil Society (SCC)?

Where does SCC money come from? This is the million dollar question. Specifically one million euros (992,672 euros) that the anti-sovereignty organization deposited in 2014, as confirmed by its own balance sheet.

In the data provided by the company itself, membership fees represent 1.5% of revenues, 15,000 euros of the total. Another 1.4% is achieved through ballots and fees. The rest, 963,053 euros, 97% of the amount, is obtained by the organization through private donations. The SCC, which spends more than it enters on the balance sheet, had to face the payment of a total of 1,084,000 euros for the two major events that it led, to which expenses for communication and overheads must be added.

According to information from the far-right digital newspaper “Las Voces del Pueblo” (Voices of the People), a leader of the Catalan PP, Enric Millo, alledgedly mediated between companies listed on the IbEx and SCC, with the help of the Spanish government, to get an injection of capital. According to the sources that the newspaper reveals, among the companies alledgedly involved are Telefónica, which is said to have “collaborated” with the SCC thanks to the mediation by the conservative party. As the journalist Guillem Martínez explains to Crític, “these powerful” shareholders, “representatives of banks and large international corporations make direct call to the executive editorial offices of the newspapers to order what they can or cannot publish”, according to the interests of these companies.

Can it be said that the SCC is a right-wing association?
Yes, this is confirmed, its sympathizers and visible heads are part of the scope of the Catalan non-independence right.

Can it be said that SCC has links with the extreme right?
Yes, both at the initial launch of the association, and in each and every one of its manifestations sympathizers and supporters from the extreme right have been present.

Can we confirm that all the people who go to their demonstrations are from the extreme right or from the right?
No, although we believe that they do not have a complete picture of the SCC and that many of them, if they knew who was behind the association, would not attend.

What was Francisco Frutos doing, giving a speech for SCC?
The truth is that we do not know, and it does not make much sense to criticize Catalan nationalism, whilst giving a speech which is pro-Spanish nationalists.

Is the SCC a good intermediary to end the Catalan conflict?
No, especially when more than half of the population wants a referendum agreed and with guarantees.

Why do none of the prominent media outlets tell us any of this?
Because they do not want you to know that SCC’s intentions are to push represent and support the right and the extreme right, nor that is run by supporters of the Partido Popular and financed thanks to their mediation, since they are a party who are known for stealing public money under the guise of Spanish national interest

Before going to a demonstration it is best to inform yourself of who is promoting it and what their objectives are, if not, you are running the risk of becoming cannon fodder for Mafioso-esque parties who have spent years re-empowering totalitarian ideologies.

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