The ANC demands that the suspension of the declaration of independence be lifted

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The ANC (Catalan National Assembly) Secretariat held an extraordinary session this Thursday, October 12 and agreed to request that the suspension of the declaration of independence be lifted as a result of the “refusal of the Spanish State to agree to any proposal of dialog “.  According to a statement from the pro-independence group, “it is pointless to continue the suspension”.
It follows that the organization, presided over by Jordi Sànchez, urges Parliament to lift the suspension and, in addition, demands that the president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and the government “trigger” the law of jurisdictional and foundational transition of the Republic .

It should be remembered that, just after the end of the plenary session [Tuesday October 10] in which Puigdemont proposed that the declaration of independence be suspended, Sànchez said that this formula would serve to ensure that the Spanish state had no excuses but to listen to the will of the Catalan people. The following day, Wednesday, the ANC then sent a statement asserting they supported the route of dialogue that the Catalan government had put on the table.

Sanchez had been hoping for international channels of dialogue and mediation after Puigdemont opted for the suspension of the effects of the declaration. According to the [Tuesday] statement, the formula chosen by the head of the Government was “a tool to ensure that the international community helps open up channels of dialogue, thus ensuring the transition to a new republic.”

Apart from the ANC, other pro-sovereignty voices have since also demanded the suspension of the declaration of independence, such as the CUP / Demòcrates, who have three MPs in the parliamentary coalition Junts Pel Sí.

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