All seventy-two of the members of Catalan Parliament in favour of Independence sign the declaration  

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Left wing CUP also decide to sign the declaration “because it does not mention the suspension”

After the plenary, as announced by President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, all seventy-two pro-independence members of the Catalan Parliament signed the declaration, which is automatically suspended in order to try for a negotiated way out. CUP has also decided to sign, “as it does not mention the suspension in the wording”.

The Declaration, addressed to “the people of Catalonia and to all the peoples of the world”, glosses the historical, cultural and linguistic reasons for which Catalans want to be independent. It also refers to the impediments imposed by the Spanish state over the last years, to the refusal to accept a referendum and to “police brutality” on 1st October.

This is, the document goes on, the reason for the seventy-two members of parliament declaring that the Catalan Republic is constituted as an “independent and sovereign state, under democratic and social law” thereby activating the transition law for the founding of the republic. This announcement is also addressed to the international community and the government automatically makes itself available to open negotiations “on an equal footing” with the Spanish State.

“We call upon each and every citizen of the Catalan Republic to be worthy of the freedom we have endowed ourselves with and to build a State mirroring our collective aspirations in its actions and conduct” are the closing lines.