The PP warns Puigdemont that if he declares independence he could end up like Companys in 1934

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PP also alludes to the potential application of the Law of Political Parties. ERC, Podemos and PDECat label Pablo Casado “miserable”.

DANI SÁNCHEZ UGART (Madrid) Updated on 10/09/2017 4:41 PM

The ruling Popular Party (PP) warned Puigdemont to “not declare independence, because those who declare it could end up as he who declared it 83 years ago”, referring to the President of the Generalitat, Lluís Companys, who was arrested, imprisoned and subsequently shot by the Franco regime, said the Vice-Secretary of Communication of the Partido Popular, Pablo Casado. The Deputy Secretary said that “according to what happened at that time,” he was arrested, and “with regards to who was shot or not shot, this party isn’t worried about making comparisons, “because those who are “the wings of violence are the separatists,” in an attempt to clarify that it did not refer to the execution.

In a heated tone, the Popular spokesman also said that he “personally” would be in favor of reforming the Law of Political Parties so that it can be applied to the pro-independence parties. [Ed Note: The Law, adopted in 2002, exists to ensure political parties cannot support or encourage organized violence or terrorist organisations.] “Some claim the Law of Political Parties is extreme, and when used, Troy was supposed to be burned to simply illegalize [the pro-independence Basque] Batasuna Party – but nothing happened, they simply stopped burning the ATMs,” he added. Some popular leaders have flirted privately with the possibility of applying this law, which is the first time that it has been mentioned publicly.

In addition, the Popular Party see in the unionist manifestations and marches this past Sunday in Barcelona a “new spirit of Ermua”, the civic movement that arose after the murder by ETA of Miguel Ángel Blanco. “As happened in the spirit of Ermua, who defeated terrorism,” now, according to Casado, we will see the defeat of “nationalism which is merely dressed-up racism, the lowest of passions”.

Casado, in addition, has called for the European Union’s involvement in curbing independence, because, he said, it is “a European problem”, because Catalonia is on its way to “becoming like Kosovo”. In addition, Casado accused Puigdemont of being “a squatter in the Generalitat”, and said that Spain cannot negotiate with “participants in a coup d’état”. “There is nothing to negotiate”, he added, before adding that Spain “is one of the most decentralized countries in the world”. He then encouraged “the international media” who have been calling for negotiations to first “look at the devolutions of power already in place in the autonomous communities”.

Casado also relayed what the Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, said at their Executive Meeting: “We will impede the independence of Catalonia. We will take the necessary measures. The Spanish government will do what is necessary to ensure the unity of Spain.” However he gave no further detail about the method or formula Spain would apply to achieve this.

“There will not be appeasement, white flags of surrender, or international mediation, demands for which are a scam,” continued the Vice-Secretary of Communication, who described mediation as “being between Spain and Spain”. “Puigdemont and Junqueras are coup leaders of 21st century Catalonia”, said the PP spokesman, in his usual direct tone.

In addition, he called for drastically increasing recentralization, defending various reforms made recently by the Popular Party Executive branch, such as the Education Law, which includes a devolution and standardization of curricula, as well as the Health Law, regarding the  recentralizing control of health care, among other things.

Some Reactions

[Parties such as] ERC, Podemos and PDECat have already reacted to statements via Twitter. Gabriel Rufián has labeled the above statements as “miserable” and Joan Tardà has questioned where Casado gets pleasure from digging up memories of an execution by firing squad.

Tweet: “Yes, @pablocasado_, we know how our President Companys would up, shot by the military. Does it make you happy to remind our defenseless population of this?”

On the other hand, Pablo Echenique questioned whether some of the statements could be considered a crime:

Tweet: Pablo Casado has said Puigdemont could end up like Companys. Companys was shot. My questions is whether or not this statement  (in addition to being deplorable) is a crime.

Sergi Miquel, deputy of PDECat, has also described Casado as “miserable” and compared the PP government with the Franco regime:

Tweet: “Comparing the end of Companys to the end of Puigdemont implies a comparison between your government with that of Franco.”

Finally, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, reacted to Casado’s words, by asserting that in a “serious democracy” a leader who made these kinds of statements “would apologize or resign”.

“In a serious democracy, Pablo Casado would apologise, or resign.  Enough pyromaniacs!”

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