Day 3 Chronicle of the run-up to the Referendum

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The week proceeds at an agonizing pace as the big day looms up. No one knows exactly to what extent Spanish threats against the Referendum will materialize. Now they speak of sealing off the polling stations. The Spanish government, and her allies (socilaistss and Ciudadanos) seem to know no límits to their capacity to displaying fascist attitudes towards what is the most basic of democratic practve: voting. The Spanish post service (Correos) has stopped the distribution of all Referendum materials by post (reprimanded judiciari oficials being behind this move) while anti-Catalan Ciudadanos party is able to send its anti-Referendum mail. To think some people may find out there is a Referendum only because Ciudadanos has sent them publicty against it!

The attitude of the people in Sant Feliu is extraordinary. Although one does have to talk about the differences between downtown Sant Feliu and the Vilartagues dstrict, where there are a lot of Spanish immigrant and other immigrant famílies. Due to the almost unofficial and often flimsy-looking nature of the street propaganda, but a few intolerant hands can strip a whole district of this simple kind of publicity by ripping down the small posters stuck up around the place. And this happens. In one district of Sant Feliu there is even a Spanish legion flag (that few recognize) arrogantly displayed from a balcony. If you’ll excuse me it’s a bit like a Black and Tans`poster in Derry. But there are no billboards, no big “official”-like posters as there are in normal elections.

What really stands out are the small YES banners people place in Windows and balconies. There weren’t that many weeks back. But the repression and intervention of Catalan Government premises by Spanish Police has put so many people’s backs up that now whole streets ate draped with these banners. And it’s all secifically illegal!

Here we have, in the heart of EU Europe and well into the XXIst Century, a territory that openly rebels against State intervention, State repression and the boycott of a Reefendum that has been democratically (although not without tremendous difficulties) prepared by the Catalan government.