Spanish Guardia Civil closes down ANC without prior warning

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As confirmed by the pro-independence civil platform, computer experts have started work immediately. website has also been closed  down.


The website of Assemblea Nacional Catalana has been closed down by the Spanish Guardia Civil without any prior notification, as informed by the pro-independence platform. Adrià Alsina, head of communication, has announced the fact by Twitter. “Here we go. In Spain, the Police can close down a website of a private organisation without prior notification. Hello dictatorship”.

Alsina includes the screen shot of the closed down web site with the Guardia Civil logo and the words “This domain name has been seized pursuant to a seizure warrant under the Judicial Authority and is under its administration”.  


At first it seems that this intervention only affects connections via Orange, but it seems likely that it will spread to the rest of operators within a few hours.
Chairman of ANC, Jordi Sánchez, has decried this action against freedom of speech, He has also stated that their computer experts are working to set it up again. “At this point our telephone lines are collapsed with calls from computer experts offering to work on it”, he stated, “so that freedom of speech can continue in our country despite the intent of the Spanish government”.


Last Saturday, the High Court of Justice in Catalonia (TSJC) “authorized blocking” websites and domain names publicized on any official account or network of the members of the Catalan Government.
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As well as the ANC website, the Guardia Civil have also closed down “Another attack on freedom of speech”, they stated, while offering another link to access the posters.