Kilian Jornet: «I will vote yes, even though I hae never been either pro-independence nor nationalist»

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In a long interview with  VilaWeb, by Josep Casulleras Nualart and Josep Rexach Fumanya, Kilian Jornet, athlete of the moment, having made the Everest Summit in one twenty six hour spat, does not avoid talking about the current Catalan political situation.

When asked “Have you pencilled in the 1st October” he answers “I heard about it two days ago! As I’ll be running the “Caball dels Vents” race, I’ll be around here, so we will go and vote, yes.”

When asked whether he was sure as to what he would vote, he answered “Yes, of course: Even though I’ve never been pro-independence or a nationalist. When I was little, I did want Cerdenya to be independent because I was sick of people coming up from Barcelona every weekend. Then I started to travel and I realized that I don’t have a particular feeling for the country. I’ve lived in Catalonia, France and now in Norway. I feel at home in many different places in the world. But I will vote yes, because Spain… Where’s it going? As a country, what is it doing? I mean, in every sense, instead of progressing it’s going backward. When I see the various impediments where they might improve, I don’t think they could be worse. I’m that sort of pro-independent person, not because of a national feeling, but to get away from Spain and the way it treats Catalonia”.