“Spain, rather red than broken” An article by Elisenda Romeu

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Franco’s dictatorship continues in force with the children, grandchildren, friends and acquaintances of those who lied, misgoverned, corrupted, threatened, disqualified, pursued freedom of expression, imprisoned, exiled, denigrated, repressed, tortured and murdered thousands of people who struggled to overthrow the dictatorship and be able to live in democracy.

Enough tricking us! Let no one be deceived. We are in a state without freedom, where lies keep streaming in, misgoverning, corrupting, threatening, disqualifying, persecuting freedom of expression, denying, repressing and, if you have not imprisoned anyone yet, because you do not dare to for fear of the international reaction.

It cannot be that after being five and a half years exile, 40 years ago, due to my fight against the Franco regime, the independence of Catalonia and the Catalan Countries, and a socially just society, we have to go through dictatorship which bears the name of democracy. It has to be reported and that everyone know what the Spanish government is and who directs it.

What democratic state systematically abolishes all the laws passed by the Parliament of Catalonia, gives multi-million fines to those responsible for organizing the 9N consultation, prohibits the media from informing on anything referring to the referendum, prohibits all elected representatives in Catalonia, companies and all individuals from collaborating with the 1-O, search newspapers and printers shops, sends 75% (751) of the mayors to the public prosecutor and threatens to imprison them if they don’t obey the order, intimidates civil servants by letter and telephone, prohibits all acts involving debates on the referendum or the right to self-determination, suppresses the web of the referendum held by the Generalitat, 1-O, calls the major of the Mossos d’Esquadra to order him to take the necessary measures to intervene everything that serves to prepare the referendum (ballot papers, ballots, instructions sheets for the ballot tables, computers, etc.), and announce that they will cut off electricity in electoral colleges. The only difference with the Franco regime is that, at this time, they do not torture us or shoot us, although there is a long history of torture during these forty years of “democracy”

What democrat could stand next to this useless Spanish government that only knows how to repress and judicialize a political conflict?

On the other hand, a suspicious amount of people awaiting trial for corruption die in strange circumstances and the city of Valencia’s justice court is burnt down with part of the files for these cases, just the day that there is no alarm connected. At the same time when the president of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, appears in the Congress of Deputies, he is able to assert with all cynicism that despite being the president of the PP, he knows nothing about the illegalities they have committed in the accounts, nor about the alternative accountancy, nor anything at all.


The story repeats itself and we are back in a dictatorship, an even more subtle one, with a kinder face, but a dictatorship that only knows how to impose its laws with repression.

I do not want to continue being a subject in a mean state that only wants us to take advantage of us. I want to live in a free country in which we can build a fair, modern society that respects differences, where everyone has room to breathe.

For all these reasons on October 1st I will go and vote and encourage all democrats to do the same.


Elisenda Romeu Oller

Founder member of PDD