2.- The years 2006- 2007: the Referendum for the New Statute

Catalan MonitorSpecial Report

On June 18, 2006, the referendum on the new Statute was held after a tough political battle between the PDD (along with a whole series of party sectorial platforms organized by the NO) and the majority of institutional parties (except ERC) that defended the YES vote. The result of the referendum gave a participation that did not reach 50% and of this participation 27% is of rejection between NO (20.7%) blanks (5’34%) and null. The Statute is, therefore, passed by referendum; but at that time on July 31, 2006, the Popular Party, after collecting signatures throughout the State against the new statute, appealed to the Constitutional Court against the text approved in referendum and the TC admitted it. A political and legal battle that will last 4 years – in the midst of the global economic and social crisis that has become evident since 2007 – the result of which, even more cuts in a referendum, certifies that Spain’s autonomous model Spanish has failed and the Catalan popular movement no longer wants more cuts and statutes but wants to move forward to a new country project: a state with its own sovereignty.