Judge suspends event in favor of Catalan referendum set to be held in Madrid

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An judge of the administrative court of Madrid has suspended a conference to be held in Madrid in favour of the Catalan independence referendum, to be held next Sunday in Madrid and had been authorized by the town council. The event, organized by the group Madrileños por el Derecho a Decidir, was to be held on Sunday 17th September at lunchtime in one of the premises of the old abattoir (Matadero), owned by the town authorities, and which had been approved by Mayor, Manuela Carmena.

The news item in El Pais  newspaper goes on to say that the judge has suspended the authorization as a cautionary measure on being challenged by the Partido Popular party.

The judge has blocked the municipal authorisation as it considers that it might contravene the Constitutional Tribunal resolutions on the Referendum Bill which had been approved by the Catalan Parliament and disqualified by the Judges.

The PP party group of Madrid Town council brought an action to request that the conference not take place, on the grounds of the resolutions of the Constitutional Tribunal. The Tribunal had disqualified the Referendum Bill as well as the Call for the Referendum for 1 October. The PP Party criticized Mayor Manuela Carmena for having allowed an event, which, they claim, is “a glorification of the illegal referendum”.

The event, under the title ‘En Madrid por el Derecho a Decidir‘ (Madrid in support of the Right to Decide), was to involve several speakers, as well as poetry, videos and songs. The promoters of the initiative had organized it in support of the right of the peoples to decide as a “basic democratic principle” and in defense of the “legitimate aspiration” of the Catalans to decide their relationship with the State.

The event also provoked a demonstration by the fascist Falange organization to be held at the same time at the doors of the Matadero, were graffiti against the event have appeared in the last few days: “Death to separatism. JFE. “Arriba España” (Spanish Fascist battle cry).

Source: http://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/suspes-acte-madrid-referendum-carmena_190764_102.html