Editor of weekly magazine ‘El Vallenc’, investigated for disobedience, prevarication and embezzlement after search

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The Civil Guard has searched the offices of the magazine and has confiscated one computer and several documents

DANI REVENGA Ara newspaper / Valls 09/09/2017

El editor of the weekly magazine ‘El Vallenc’ (Valls, Alt Camp), Francesc Fàbregas, has refused to declare this Saturday before the Civil Guard, after the agents of this corps this afternoon searched the offices of this magazine in search of information about the preparations of the 1-O Referendum. Fàbregas appeared at the Tarragona police station, where he was summoned, at 8:00 p.m., and has been questioned in relation with alleged disobedience, prevarication and embezzlement of public funds.

The three offences for which he is being investigated are the same as the prosecutor’s office points out to defend the search of the Vallenc’s offices. They will soon call the editor to declare before the judge as a defendant. For his part, Fàbregas has stated that he does not have enough information to declare on the case, precisely as it is still under the secrecy imposed by the investigation.

The Civil Guard have taken a computer and several copies of documents from the weekly ‘El Vallenc’ after searching the office. The agents went into the magazine’s premises this afternoon and they left at 16.45, when there were scenes of tension between the agents and the dozens of protesters who had gathered before the weekly newspaper.


About 300 people gathered before the premises in answer to a twitter call made by the Valls section of the Catalan National Assembly. Those present called out in favour of the Referendum and against the search, and sang the improvised songs “Where are the ballot papers?” and “Goodbye, see you next year” as the Police patrol vehicles withdrew from the scene.

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