Mayor of Berga warns of exceptional presence of Spanish Guardia Civil

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Montse Venturós announces her “absolute disapproval of tactics of fear and threats by the Spanish State” in Berga


A number of citizens of the town of Berga have reported an exceptional deployment by Spanish Guàrdia Civil around its barracks to NacióDigital. Mayor Montse Venturós confirmed this at the plenary of the town council last night. The Mayor who is a member of the CUP party says that the deployment goes “beyond” what is “usual”.

Ms Venturós has conveyed “a message of calm and determination” because, she says, the citizens of Berga are “not afraid” and have “nothing to hide”.

“The process is 100% democratic, it is a right recognized internationally”, she added, referring to the ratification of the decree and approval by the council, of the channels by which to carry out the Catalan Independence referendum: “We mention it in this Plenary to express our absolute rejection of the tactics of fear and threats by the Spanish State”.

The agents of the Guàrdia Civil arrived from Manresa. Initially, six agents stood guard outside the barracks in the capital of the Bages region, carrying large weapons. Later, five marked ATVs made their way to Berga.