Historic members of PSUC (Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia) sign a manifesto in support of the Catalan independence referendum of 1 October

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Among the signees are ex-mayors and ex-members of parliament  

Historic members of PSUC, some of which are ex-members of parliament and ex-mayors, have promoted a manifesto in support of the Catalan independence referendum on 1 October. They defend that forty years on the deficiencies of the constitutional pact have become apparent. They also claim that the Spanish State is not ready for true democracy without shock therapy to shake up the political and economic power structures. According to the signees, this therapy would consist in a referendum and a republic. This would give rise, they say, to change and a schism with the obsolete regime of the 1978 constitution.


The signees of the manifesto are:

  • Alfredo Amestoy Saenz (ex-member of parliament, Badalona)
  • Frederic Prieto Caballé (ex-mayor, Cornellà)
  • Eudald Carbonell Roura (responsible of PSUC for Girona, Ribes de Freser)
  • Magda Ballester Sirvent (ex-town councilor and deputy-mayor, Lleida)
  • Ramon Majó Lluch (ex-deputy mayor, Manresa)
  • Emili Muñoz Martínez (ex-mayor, Tiana)
  • Jaume Oliveras Costa (ex- town councillor, Badalona)
  • Jaume Solà Campmany (ex- town councillor, Badalona)
  • Àlex de Sárraga Gómez (labour lawyer, Lleida)
  • Isabel (Mariona) Vidal (Cornellà)
  • Jose Estrada (Tarragona)
  • Àngel Pagès (Premià de Mar)
  • Joan Romagosa (Cornellà)


This is the manifesto:

«In 1978 it was not possible. Now we can

PSUC was founded as a party for transformation, as a party of the masses, a party of the masses of Catalonia. The communist party of Catalonia.  Its aim: to transform Catalonia via socialism and create a fair society for all. It was founded as a national Catalan party, defender of popular Catalanism and of a “single Catalan people”. The party intended to bring justice and wellbeing to the piece of land assigned to it by fate. A party that was aware that the best contribution to internationalism was freeing the popular class of this piece of the world and that in order to do so, the best contribution it could make was to achieve freedom and equality where they knew how to do it: in their nation, in Catalonia. A party with its roots in the neighbourhoods, the villages and the factories. A party that breathed the same air that the majority of Catalans breathed, because that is the only way to know what to do and how to do it.

Founded in 1936 as the best way to combat fascism, PSUC was one of the greatest contributors to the dismantling of the Franco regime. It was, indeed, the party that led the anti-franco struggle, which contributed most energy, most organization and most people. We believe that we were successful, not without some deficiencies which, we must now admit, were greater than many of our militants believed at the time. However, most of us were aware that the pact for transition was an amputation of our social and national rights and freedoms.

Forty years later, the great deficiencies of the pact have become apparent. It has also become apparent that the Spanish State is not prepared to undergo a real democratization without “shock therapy”. That shock therapy, here and now, consists in a Republic and a referendum. We Marxists make an analysis at each moment and try to understand what is going on, why and what can be done about it. This analysis of this moment and in our country has given rise to very clear conclusions: at this time, it is in Catalonia that the conditions are ripe for a new step forward, hitherto unknown, in the field of freedom and social and national rights.  We must take advantage of it. We are sure that PSUC, having been the promoter of unity among the Catalan political forces and of the Assemblea de Catalunya, would now be a defender of the referendum and would be leading the struggle against the unfair, anti-Catalan policies by this authoritarian and recentralizing state.

This is why a number of people, all old activists of PSUC: members of parliament, town councillors, mayors, trade unionists, members of neighbourhood associations, etc, have got together. We all proclaim the need to give unwavering support to the call to a referendum made by the Catalan government for 1 October. This referendum and our long sought after Republic open up the possibility of the necessary change and break with the obsolete regime of the 1978 constitution.

That which we were unable to achieve then, let it be ours now”.

Source: http://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/militants-historics-del-psuc-signen-un-manifest-a-favor-de-l1-o/