VIDEO: A whole town engaged in the “lip dub” in favour of “yes” in the referendum

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The “Plataforma pel sí” (Platform in favour of yes) of the town of Sant Pere de Ribes recorded the “lip dub” for the referendum


The referendum now has its own lip dub. Recorded in Sant Pere de Ribes, a town in the Garraf area, just south of Barcelona, where the independence movement has traditionally had a great following, it has engaged a large number of residents in the town.

The recording of the video was promoted by the Plataforma pel si of the town. The Platform is made up of a number of cultural associations such as Ger i Xulius, the ANC, pro-independence parties of the town, the youth assembly, the JNC and the JER, among others.

On finalizing the recording, ex-mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, Member of Parliament for ERC, Ester Capella, ex-member of the Catalan Parliament for CUP, David Fernández, and Jordi Peiró of the ANC, gave speeches.

Lip dubs became popular some years ago.  On 1 September 2010, they recorded one in Vic in favor of Independence, with a record 5 771 participants.