Julian Assange recommends Enric Hernández’ resignation as editor of El Periódico

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‘He has engaged in a clear attempt to mislead the public ‘, says Assange


Journalist and activist Julian Assange Tweeted that ‘El Periódico editor, Enric Hernández, should resign’. WikiLeaks organisation was one of the first to speak out against the lack of credibility of the notice, dated May 25, informing on a possible attack on the Barcelona Rambla, alleged to be from the CIA. “He [Enric Hernandez] has engaged in a clear attempt to mislead the public” said Assange.


At a press conference, Catalan Interior Minister, Joaquim Forn, and Chief Officer of Catalan Police (Mossos),  Josep Lluís Trapero, denied the information published by the El Periódico newspaper and repeated that the Mossos have no direct contact with the CIA.  Trapero went further and asked “Why should I believe that this document is from the CIA? Where does it say so? Why should I believe that it is no longer from the CIA, but from the NCTC? Where does it say so? He has the right to have his doubts and I have the right to question his information”.

Source: http://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/julian-assange-demana-la-dimissio-denric-hernandez-com-a-director-del-periodico/