Catalan Transition Bill to be passed before 1 October referendum to ensure result enforcement

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By Marta Lasalas
The Law on Legal Transition and on the Constitution of the Republic   is to be approved prior to the referendum on 1 October in order to ensure the enforcement of the result and secure the calling of elections to a Constituent Assembly and the approval of the Constitution of the Republic of Catalonia, should the referendum result be Yes.

The text of the Bill was presented by the JxSí and CUP parliamentary groups before it was registered with the Parliament this morning. “As of today we are all clear as to the effects of voting Yes, as to what is legally binding and ensured with the referendum. This law will be binding and the citizens now know the effects of voting yes or voting no”, said the Chairman of the governing JxSí party, Lluís Corominas.

Corominas pointed out that both groups agree on the content of the Bill and that it must be approved before 1 October, in order to ensure the consequences of the referendum.

CUP’s Benet Salellas said that it was a “call to vote” in as far as it makes clear the effects of the result and closes any possibility of a renewed debate after the vote as the institutions to set up the new republic are clearly stipulated.

The Law contains 89 Articles and three final provisions; the last of these has a suspensory effect and provides that the law will not take effect should the No option win in the referendum.