One State steams off, another sails in by Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira (Extract from Nacional Digital)

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“Catalonia has shown that there is a Government that coordinates, a professional, effective and competent police force, and a society that responds with mature solidarity and with a high civic sense”

Catalonia has been a victim, in Barcelona and Cambrils, of a fascist atrocity. The fanatical and violent totalitarianism of the Islamic state is fascist ideology, because it does not admit another criterion, nor another vision of the world which is not theirs and is aimed at the physical extermination of those who think differently. It is not a fanatical war of Muslims against Christians, since 80% of their victims in the world are Muslims, although they are not of the same branch of Islam to which the criminal organization belongs. Islamic State (EI) uses religion as a pretext for a totalitarian project, as Franco did the same with Catholicism. Therefore, it is a mistake to criminalize all Muslims for an ideology of which they are the first victims (there are physical victims, there are social victims for distrust, suspicion and racism), as is the same with all Catholics regarding the Franco regime. Fascism it is, all over the world, apart from the clothing with which it is embraced. For four decades we have suffered fascism and now we have suffered pain and anger caused by another totalitarianism, with the loss of innocent human lives. But, as Rovira I Virgili wrote in 1939, in his “Oath of the exiled”: “In the greatest misfortune, the definitive redirection of our history will emerge, if the Catalans know how to take advantage of the hardest lessons we have received.” I’m convinced we will be able to leave reinforced the great tragedy that in a few moments has torn our lives apart.

On Thursday, August 17, Catalonia saw and checked -as has, little by little, the whole world- that, when it comes to truth, in the face of the emergency of criminal adversity, there was a government, a police force and a citizenship that were where they had to be and lived up to what the circumstances excepted of them. And this was the government, the police and the citizens of Catalonia. They were not from Spain. For eight hours, the time it took Rajoy to come to Catalonia, Spain was completely absent and its space, the whole space that corresponds to a state, was occupied by the Generalitat government, for the first time in 37 Years of autonomy. Absent Spain was replaced by present and real Catalonia.

Within and without Catalonia, everyone was able to see a modern police force, with uniformity, vehicles and characteristic weapons (the police of the Generalitat) well coordinated with another body (the urban guard of Barcelona), that is, the Police of Catalonia. The national police working together with the local police. And the same happened later in Cambrils. For any citizen from outside, able to see what was happening, everything was normal: the Catalan minister of the Interior offered a press conference just two hours after the tragedy, accompanied by a uniformed policeman, with a background flag and using at all times one particular language. Later, it was the president that appeared before the public opinion. The singularity came from the fact that the head of Interior, the uniformed police, the president, the flag and the language were those of Catalonia and not any other country. Hours later, the Catalan minister of Foreign Affairs (portfolio that officially does not exist for the Spanish government) received at the airport his fellow ministers from Germany and France, the mayor of Paris visited the Delegation of Catalonia at the French capital, to sign in the book of condolences, and the New York police expressed support for the Catalan Police. Finally, tens of thousands of people called out, in the same language used by the police authority in the press, that they were not afraid.

It was the same people who had been behaving as a mature society, as a civic and sensitive people: shopkeepers letting people enter stores to take refuge there, doctors and nurses who went to work altghough they were off-duty, taxi drivers who freely transferred people, security employees who suspended their strike at the airport, spontaneous donors of blood, offerings of interpreters to the police and hospitals to help victims and tourists, anonymous people carrying water, food and toilet paper to motorists stranded in their cars on Barcelona’s by-passes. In short, a people live and on the march.

Catalonia has demonstrated, therefore, that there is a government that coordinates, a professional, effective and competent police (in 24 hours identification of the terrorist cell of 12 members: 5 killed by the police, 4 detainees, 2 deceased in the explosion of materials they were manipulating in Alcanar and only one who on the run, but identified and with an international search and capture ordre) and that there is a society that responds, with maturity, solidarity and with a high civic sense. A clear message has been sent to the world: Catalonia knows how to to govern itself, it works and has a capacity to react to adversity, despite the operational, legal and budgetary constraints that others subject it to, that is, an independent Catalonia is viable, useful and better. That’s why we want it.


For only a month has the Catalan police had access to the data of the Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime, despite the fact that we have been on alert for two years. It is a centre whose director assured not long ago that an attack on Spanish territory was not probable and that the end of Isis was a matter of days or months, at the most. At this time, the Generalitat police do not have access to the European police information since the Spanish government is opposed to it, despite the Basque police’s access, the same government that prevents Catalonia from having 500 more police members, still below the 1,500 mark agreed upon in 2006. All this after refusing to call the Security Board for eight years, despite the fact that it is in Catalonia where a third Of the Jihadists of the whole state reside. And the Spanish Interior Minister himself says that the terrorist cell had been disbanded, while the Catalan police have to reply to him that the investigation is still open and unfinished. Madrid, in an irresponsible fashion has played and plays with our security, because its anti-Catalan nationalism weighs more than a minimum sense of state and the value of security. It also seems that the Spanish police forces have responded much better than the political authorities that direct them.


Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira

Ex-vice president of the Catalan Government

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