Catalan Police -and not Madrid’s- seen as key force behind lightning unravelling of Barcelona’s 17A.

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The Mossos ‘disauthorize’ Spain’s minister of the Interior and deny that the operation against Jihadist comando is over

Vilaweb and CNM

Inspector Oliva, spokesman for the Catalan Police: “In any event, this information will be given by the Mossos d’Esquadra, which is the force that has led the investigation”.

The “rivalry” and mistrust that the 17A attacks have brought to the surface reveal the tension there has been in the last few years between the Catalan and Spanish Police forces working in Catalonia. The Mossos  have repeatedly complained and reported that they are excluded from receiving vital Europol information by Madrid and that key security bodies created to bring together the two policie forces at regular top-level meetings have only been called once in the last nine years. Indeed, on coming to Madrid on Agust 18th, Spain’s president Rajoy only held a meeting with Spanish Police chiefs, and not with Catalan ones. It has also been remembered lately that during the term of office of former Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Diez, there was even a strange case in which a Jihadist may have got a tip-off from the Spanish Police, leading to his non-capture in what would otherwise have been a very prestigious Mossos operation. Some sources say there may soon be developments in this very serious case.

The background to this whole situation, of course, can be seen as none other than the coming October 1st Referendum and speculation regarding what the different police forces will procede to do if  and when Catalan sovereignty comes into effect. In many media, the action of the Catalan Police has been highly praised. Scenes of Catalan Police and sanitary personnel being openly applauded on the streets have been a regular event in the last few hours.

 In the photograph, Mossos on service the night of the Cambrils attack attend a meeting with the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont.