The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) calls for independence “whatever the 1-0 participation rate is”

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In an internal document, the ANC calls for the Government and MPs to commit themselves publicly with this vow

Ara, Europa Press and photograph by Tjerk van der Meulen

The ANC has asked the pro-independence parties a prior political consensus for independence to move forward if it obtains “more favorable votes than opposition votes, regardless of the percentage of participation registered” in the referendum scheduled for October 1, in front of The possibility of suffering a boycott from Cs, the PP and the PSC.

In an internal document of the ANC, which Europa Press has had access to, they argue that, in the event of a possible boycott, and given that the referendum bill does not refer to the question of participation, it is “absolutely necessary to establish a prior political consensus on this issue among the indy forces.”


They therefore ask the Government and the indy MPs to express publicly that, in the same way that the participation will be encouraged to make it as high as possible, the proposal that will be put to a vote on 1-O will be a reality if the YES vote wins, regardless of the participation that is obtained.

Avoiding a boycott

According to the ANC, it is impossible to anticipate in advance the scope of a possible boycott on the part of those opposed to independence, so it considers it necessary that the Government’s strategy is designed “to defend the verdict of the polls in any of the possible scenarios”.

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