Catalan Government to apply Referendum Bill even if it is rejected by the Constitutional Court

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Rajoy said that the Spanish government will challenge the Referendum Bill before the Constitutional Court if it is brought to the vote before the Parliament.
In response to the Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, the Catalan minister for Territory and Sustainability, Josep Rull, said that the Catalan Referendum Bill would be applied even in the event of it being suspended by the Constitutional Tribunal. In an interview for the radio program, ‘El Món a RAC1’, Rull insisted that they would obey the law issued by the legitimate and democratically elected Parliament and would enforce the legislation on the 1 October referendum. Rajoy had told the Catalan government, on 7 August, that the Spanish government would challenge the Catalan Referendum Bill before the Constitutional Tribunal if the Parliament Speaker admitted it to motion, which will presumably take place on 16 August.
Rull joins the Catalan Minister for the Presidency and government spokesperson, Jordi Turull, who responded Rajoy with a tweet: “There will be a referendum. We will exercise our right: self-determination. The political future of Catalonia is in the hands of the Catalan people. We will decide with our vote”.
The spokesperson of the Catalan Democrates party and member of parliament for the Junts pel Si independentist party, Toni Castellà also spoke yesterday, warning that there might be a postal strike in order to cause logistic problems to the referendum. In this regard, Rull reiterated that the postal vote will be facilitated as best as possible. However, he insisted that the in person vote will be given maximum support, as these votes are those that provide the best assurance. Furthermore, Rull concluded that there are other mechanisms that are being considered by the government.