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Albert Acín


That’s what happens in Catalonia“. This is the greeting by the members of ANC to tourists queuing at passport control at Barcelona Airport to explain the reasons for the so-called Catalan Process. Several dozens of ANC members demonstrated on Monday morning at Prat Airport de demand independence for Catalonia in order to put an end to this sort of grievances.

ANC criticised the Spanish government and accused it of nepotism and centralism, highlighting the “stealthy” and “detrimental” negotiations led by Aena (concessionary running the airports in all of Spain) and the Ministry in charge of Transport.

ANC communications secretary, Enric Planes, led the protest requesting a “yes” vote in the 1 October independence referendum in response to the “negligent management” by the central government of the airport in Barcelona.

“We don’t deserve the discriminatory way in which we are governed”, was the criticism of Aena and the transport ministry and the caos at Barcelona Airport.

The intention is to inform users of the airport of the situation of Catalonia. “We’ve come here peacefully to explain the problem to all those suffering from it”. And the problem is, they say, despotism and central government.

“Eulen is only on strike in Barcelona”.

The ANC members gave out leaflets to those queuing for Passport control, showing the long queues at the airport and the words: “Maybe now you’ll get why many Catalans will say YES”.

The leaflet also explains that Eulen is the security subcontractor in 27 airports “but is only on strike in Barcelona”. Eulen is a “friend” of the Spanish government. ANC also reports that work conditions in Eulen are “dismal”.

They also accuse the Spanish government of being the only one to have a ministry for the centralized management of 46 airports (AENA).