Leading Andalusian agricultural union (SAT) backs the Catalan 1-O Referendum and urges Andalusians in Catalonia to vote

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The organization that was led by the corrent Podemos MP Cañamero offers “International Andalusian observers as further guarantee” for the Catalan Referendum

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“If the People of Catalonia want, we’ll be at their side.” With this offer in his Facebook account the national spokesman of the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT), Óscar Reina, gives the position of his organization before the Catalan referendum on October 1.

Reina does not intend to límit himself to mere words and is willing to place ballot boxes in the eight provinces of Andalusia so that the Catalans who that day are in the community and wish to vote “can exercise their democratic and sovereign right to self-determination.”

In a letter published on his profile of the social network, the man who took over the SAT union from Podemos MP Diego Cañamero considers absolutely “legal and binding” the consultation. He offers the cooperation of his organization in these terms: “We offer our cooperation for that very day, and if your sovereignty and popular will so deems it necessary and opportune, from the committed and consequent fraternity of the National Historical Nationality of Andalusia, to will place ballot boxes in the eight Andalusian capitals”.

Support for the Process

The text goes on as follows: “And in the same terms of respect for your sovereign process, for your popular will, we offer to send international delegates/observers from Andalusia, in order to ensure more of a guarantee and to give more validity and support, if necessary, to your Referendum and Process of Independence”.

For Óscar Reina the “International Right to Self-determination of Peoples is included in the International Agreements on Human Rights and in numerous resolutions of the UN General Assembly”, which is why he calls for “the international recognition of the referendum legally convened by the Government Catalonia for next 1st October”.

After calling “the Andalusian population, our emigrants, their children and their grandchildren to participate and vote,” the spokesman of the SAT is convinced that “the independence of Catalonia does not separate the Andalusians of Jaén Or Córdoba from those of Barcelona” but rather “brings us closer to our own horizon as a nation. It brings us closer to the possibility of a Republic and democracy in Andalusia”.