Minister Mundó demands to know under whose instructions indy politicians are being called in for questioning by the Guardia Civil

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The Guardia Civil’s version is contradictory to the explanations given by the Superior Justice Court of Catalonia

Justice Minister Carles Mundó today revealed the scandal of the Guardia Civil warrants being used to bring in Catalan indy politicians and civil servents for questioning. Mundo twitted the contents of one warrant in which it may be read that the people being asked to make statements in the last few hours are to do so as witnesses “in the investigation ordered by Barcelona Instruction Court (TSJC)  number 13”.

But the truth is that this morning (Thursday 27th July) the TSJC explained that the Guardia Civil interrogations are “iniciatives of the judicial Police and not ones called for by Magistrate Court numer 13”. It would therefore appear that the TSJC has contradicted the version given by the Police regarding these warrants.

Minister Mundó put out this messge on his twitter account:

“It is urgent to know whose orders are being followed by the Guardia Civil when civil servants, companies and political representatives are being called in for interrogation”