Catalan government to take legal action against the questioning by the Guardia Civil

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Nicolas Tomás
Foto: ACN
Barcelona. Dimecres, 26 de juliol de 2017
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The Catalan Government is looking into the most effective way of reporting the way in which the interrogation of senior officials of the Generalitat (Catalan Government) has been carried out. First Secretary and Spokesperson for the Government, Jordi Turull, spoke at a special press conference. “As of this moment, the legal department of the Generalitat will be examining the best way to take legal action before the duty court against this perversion”, said Mr Turull.
Among the senior officials interrogated on Wednesday was the Secretary General of the Presidential Department, Joaquim Nin, who was told, during the questioning, that he wasbeing investigated. He was being questioned, said Turull, for having authorised the website domain for “Pacte Nacional pel Referendum” (“National Pact for the Referendum”). He is being investigated for a possible offence of sedition. Turull, however, has claimed “ultimate responsibility” for the authorisation of the domains.
The Government will bring a complaint before the duty judge for the “violation of rights that the Generalitat cannot allow”. The Guardia Civil informed Joaquim Nin that he was being investigated during his statement, which was taken without the presence of his lawyer. The Guardia Civil may act as judicial police, but does not have the competence to charge anyone. “We will appeal our way to the highest instance”, Turull warned.
Manipulation of sub judice
When asked who they would act against, Jordi Turull said “anyone who has anything to do with it”, because they take it that, if the police acts, it’s because a court has ordered them to do so. According to the Government Spokesperson, the origin of the questioning is a claim brought by VOS [an extreme right wing political organization] admitted by First instance Court 13 of Barcelona, against the ex-judge, Santi Vidal, the finance minister Lluís Salvadó and jurist Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer. The proceedings are sub judice. Turull complained that “The court declares the proceedings to be sub judice, and the Guardia Civil start interrogating civil servants on things that are entirely unrelated”.
The Minister highlighted that the officials of the Generalitat are defenseless, because, with “the excuse of the sub judice, they can be called regarding things to do with the 1 October referendum”. He described it a “general proceeding against the will of the Catalan people”.
El Govern encara ha d’estudiar quina és la manera més eficaç per denunciar aquests fets, així com el moment en què aquesta denúncia es presentarà. En aquell moment, l’Executiu detallarà els drets fonamentals que considera que s’han violat durant els interrogatoris. Ha lamentat que “alguns mitjans” tenen més informació que la Generalitat.
Attack against “the pact, dialogue and entente”
Jordi Turull recalled that the National Pact for the Referendum is based on a resolution by the Catalan Parliament “which has not been impugned” and more that 4000 entities work in it to promote a pact between the Spanish and Catalan governments to reach an agreement on a Catalan referendum.
“Working towards a pact, dialogue and entente is being criminalised”, Turull criticised; and he went on to warn “We will bring complaints against all those who attack the fundamental rights of the citizens, civil servants and political officals”.
According to Turull, this attack goes beyond the Government, because the National Pact includes other institutions and organisations. The court action, he says, will be brought out of a sense of dignity. “We are not doing this in order to escalate the conflict, but out of dignity: they cannot think they can do whatever they like, whenever they like”, said the Government Spokesperson.