Puigdemont defies Constitutional Tribunal: “If they disqualify me, I will not accept the decision”

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Albert Acín

President Puigdemont will not accept being disqualified by the Constitutional Tribunal. “Only the Parliament can disqualify me”, said the President of the Catalan government to French newspaper, Le Figaro, indifferent to the continued recent attacks by the Spanish government.
What is more, the President confirmed that under no circumstance will the Government halt the 1 October referendum whatever the Court may decree.
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Puigdemont has recalled that a majority of Catalans want to hold the self-determination referendum, which will take place on 1 October, regardless of whether the Constitutional Tribunal decides to disqualify him. “By disqualifying me or throwing me out of my office, Madrid won’t change the will of the people”, said the President and he added that there is “no power strong enough” to stop “the great polling station” that Catalonia will be on 1 October.
Ignoring the Constitutional Tribunal

Not only has the President opened the door to defying teh Constitutional Tribunal, should they disqualify him, he has also vowed that the referendum will take place, even if the Constitutional Tribunal decides to suspend the Catalan Referendum Bill, which is the law that enables the 1-O referendum to go ahead. “No disqualification, no threat will prevent the Catalan people from deciding their future democratically” he warned, clearly defying the Spanish government.
Independence within 48 hours
The President has again insisted that, if the result of the 1 October vote is favourable for independence, Independence will be declared 48 hours after the results are published. .
Puigdemont explained that results could take between seven and ten days to be published, a tally that would take longer than on other occasions. According to the President, “come that day, Catalonia will become an independent State”.
After the proclamation, a transition will begin, ending in constituting elections, which will enable the drafting of a Catalan Constitution, to be ratified by the Catalan People. As from then, Catalonia will be able to act as a State.
Requesting engagement
Popular engagement is key for the referendum to be a success, says Puigdemont. After the last poll by the Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió (major polling organisation), predicting a 67,5% turnout, Puigdemont ha asked Catalans to turn up at the polling stations on 1 October, to ensure legitimacy to the result. A ridiculous turnout would be like losing the referendum”.
However, in order to achieve it, Puigdemont explained that the government would adopt a “scrupulously neutral position” throughout, and that there would be a number of international observers, as provided in the Referendum Bill.

Source: El Nacional.cat http://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/puigdemont-tc-inhabilitacio_177249_102.html