EU acknowledges that it will have to get involved if Catalonia becomes independent

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Juncker says that the Comission cannot remain ‘neutral’ in the case of independence

By: Josep Casulleras Nualart

The president of the European Comission, Jean-Claude Juncker, acknowledges that the Independence of Catalonia would not be a neutral matter with regard to the EU treaties. That is, that it will need to get involved in some way. This is the written response from Junker to the Spanish MEP, Beatriz Becerra (ex-UPyD and currently an independent member of ALDE), to her question as to what the Comission would do in the case of independence and what would the status of Catalonia be within the EU.
Juncker repeated the position stated in the past by himself on this question, saying that “it is not the role of the Commission to express a position on questions of internal organisation related to the constitutional arrangements in the Member States” And, he adds: “Concerning certain scenarios such as the separation of one part of a Member State or the creation of a new State, these would not be neutral as regards the EU Treaties”. He also points out:“The Commission recalls that the process for the accession of States to the European Union

must be fully in line with the rules and procedures foreseen by the Treaties”. You can find the response in English and here in Spanish, which this time has not been manipulated as occurred in 2015, just before the 27 September elections.
It’s a very similar response to that given by José Durao Barroso, when he was president of the Commission in 2012 to a question made by Ramon Tremosa, Raül Romeva, Salvador Sedó and Izaskun Bilbao.
In spite of this response, Spanish press has published items according to which Junker says that Catalonia would be excluded from the EU should it become independent, in headlines such as ‘Juncker reiterates that an independent Catalonia would automatically leave the EU’ (El Pais).

Source: Vilaweb