The Dignity Commission celebrates its 15th anniversary prizing those who saved heritage and documented the Catalan people’s struggle against fascism

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In the magnificent setting of a centric Barcelona restaurant, the Dignity Commission (Comissió de la Dignitat), yesterday (Friday) celebrated its 15th anniverary with the Night of Memory (Nit de la Memòria) in the company of fellow associations in the struggle for the recovery of the Historic Memory and democratic rights. This yearly event is the occasion on which the Commission awards prizes to groups and individuals who have stood out for their initiatives in this field. Last year one of the prizes was given by

One of the prized groups this year was the Bruguers Institute of Gavà and its 2nd-year class, led by teachers Sandra Avellaneda and Gemma Marín, and their Project Buchenwald. This Project involves students in a yearly visit to the site of Buchenwald Concentration Camp with a view to stimulating students into adopting an active attitude in the prevention of fascism. The prize was picked up by the Institute’s headmaster, David Serres.

Also receinving prizes were three photojournalists, a trade that has not received much acknowledgement over the years and which is very active documenting events concerning the recovery of the Historic Memory, teh Catalan Indy Process. One of those receiving prizes was Jordi Borràs, whose books Plus Ultra, el Pla B del Process and Desmuntant Societat Civil Catalana are committed Works on the Catalan Indy Process, the unmasking of the unionist moviment Societat Civil Catalana (founded, amongst others, by Francoists) and shocking revelations on the Far-Right moviments in Spain and Catalonia, invariably of a fiercely unionist, anti-Catalan and racist nature. The photos of Roser Vilallonga and Lluís Brunet, front-line photo-documentalists on the Indy Process, were also awarded the Dignity Prize. One of the prizes was given away by Gorka Knorr, uncle of Jordi Borràs and ex-vice-president of the Basque Parliament who the day before yesterday saw the Strasbourg Court sentence in his favour annulling the suspension he was penalized with by the Spanish courts and government for having taken steps to allow the Basque parliament to follow its own regulation code.

Another section of prizes were also awarded In Memoriam to the “heroes” involved in saving Catalan and Aragonese heritage in the Civil War, notably the paintings of Sixena and large quantities of documents that were placed in risk by the fascist bombs. A leading member of the Lleida Museum, Angel Velasco -vey much committed to the protection of the artistic heritage of western Catalonia, gave away the prize to the direct descendents of the Gudiol, Fenosa and Duran i Sanpere families.