Solidarity fund created to face judicial rulings against pro-independence activists

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Dear all,

Last Monday, the Catalan National Assembly and ÒMNIUM Cultural presented publicly in a press conference our Solidarity Fund. It is an initiative to face the judicial sentences against pro-independence activists, who, as well as disqualifications, include strong fines. The Spanish state had already used such a repression form during the Franco dictatorship.

The Solidarity Fund has a basic finality: that no-one, be they political officers or not, have to pay out of their own pocket any fine for having defended our collective freedoms and having fulfilled the mandate of the citizenship. Fines against individuals pretend to decimate our will. We shall respond with an old instrument of civil society, organised with all guarantees, to oppose the abusive power of institutions when they do not act legitimally or neutrally. And we create an important problem within the state since its coercive capacities are diminished.

United we are stronger!

Source for text and photo: Catalan National Assembly