Spanish Lieutenant-Colonel defends an intervention to guarantee the unity of Spain

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Enrique Área Sacristán, infantry lieutenant-colonel has defended “without any doubts” the need for a military intervention “should the politicians desist of their constitutional mandate which makes the unity of Spain non-negotiable”.

In an interview to the ultra-right digital paper “Alerta Digital”, the officer reminds that “the armed forces are the guarantee of the unity of Spain and they shall act when they receive the order to do so”. “Outside the law, there is no hierarchical obedience”, he assures.

Nevertheless, he also contemplates the option of acting without receiving orders from the Spanish government “whenever the eighth article of the Constitution should not be respected”, which defines the mission of the Armed Forces to “guarantee the sovereignty and independence of Spain, defend its territorial integrity and the Constitutional ordainment”.

Sacristán also assures he is ready to “give to the last drop” of his blood for Spain, “the land that saw my birth, the land that saw my forefathers’ births”, he adds. The lieutenant-colonel also says he is for the establishment of a conscription system consisting of a “mixed recruitment system, in which all youth are indoctrinated [sic] in individual discipline and love of Spain”.

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Source: El Nacional, 21st of April 2017.