Puigdemont informs a group of Swiss MPs about the commitment to the Referendum

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Carles Puigdemont meets the Swiss Delegation // Source: Rubén Moreno

The Catalan Premier, Carles Puigdemont, has met this Thursday in his office with a delegation of members of the Swiss Parliament who have come to Catalonia to know first-hand the situation of the country. The group, invited by the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (Diplocat) and the Delegation of the Catalan Government before France and Switzerland, has also visited the Catalan Parliament and have met its speaker, Carme Forcadell.

During the meeting, issues such as the political situation in Catalonia, the commitment to the Government with the calling of a referendum in september at the latest and what is being done to ensure it have been discussed. The meeting has also been attended by Maria Badia, general secretary for Foreign Affairs, Martí Anglada, delegate of the Government before France and Switzerland and Albert Royo, General Secretary of the Diplocat.

As well, during the visit to the Parliament, the Swiss delegation has analysed with Forcadell the political situation in Catalonia and Europe. One Catalan MP for each group, except for the Popular Party has participated in the meeting. Badia, Anglada and Royo have also joined it.

This is the second visit of a Swiss Parliamentary delegation. The group of MPs was composed by Viola Amherd and Yannick Buttet, of the Christian Democrats, Lisa Mazzone of the Ecologist Party and Mathias Reynard, Socialist.

Source: Ara, 21st of April, 2017