Campaign for the YES at the Referendum

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Now is the time of truth. Today the Catalan National Assembly takes a step forward and starts its campaign for the Yes at the Referendum. In a press conference in Barcelona, we have uncovered the mistery of the giant ‘Yes’ signs that appeared on the Catalan territory last Sunday and we have presented our new image and the motto of ‘Yes to the Catalan Republic’.

A text globe with a Yes, colourful graphics and the motto ‘The change is you’ compose a campaign designed to get everybody involved

Campaign logo // Source: ANC

with the construction of a new country in the world and a better future for the citizens of Catalonia, whichever might be their origin.


An affirmative and positive yes will generate sympathies inside and outside our borders. The motto is an open hand and a call to everyone’s responsibility. The text globe is a symbol of dialogue, understanding, arguments, democracy and collective.




Source: Assemblea Nacional Catalana.