The Republic ressucitates in the polls, 86 years after the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic

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The monarchy has been, during decades, an institution whose discussion was taboo and that is consecrated as a guarantee of order and a symbol of the unity of Spain. Yet, in the last times the automatic assent of the population has shattered, and fails in popularity in the Catalan Countries.

The monarchy, a Francoist imposition.
A few months ago, an unpublished fragment of an interview with the former Spanish prime minister Adolfo Suarez (former Franco cabinet member and first democratically elected prime minister) carried out in 1995 came out where he assured that a referendum on the monarchy was not called out because the polls showed that it would lose.
This statement is coherent with the data of a 1970 opinion poll which clearly showed that 49% of the Spanish citizens preferred a republic whereas the rest was divided between those in favour of a monarchy and those who preferred to keep the Francoist regime unchanged. The formula to avoid questioning the crown was to include it directly in the Constitution draft in order to force a choice between an imposed constitutional monarchy or the continuation of the dictatorship. Republican parties were also forbidden so that a debate on this issue would not be held in the Constituent assembly. Thus, communist parties could run in the first elctions but not the Catalan Republican Left (ERC).
Except for this party, the other ones that defined themselves as republican did not have a great impact on the political life. We will never know whether the ban on them running for the first elections was a cause thereof.

Source: Vilaweb, 13th of April 2017
Authors: Seda Hakobyan and Alexandre Solano