Vatican Radio echoes the cries for independence in Catalonia

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As its well known, Vatican Radio, is a very influential media in shaping the world’s public opinion. Radio-commentators of the State of the Vatican have had a significant role in many issues that affect the whole of humanity or part of it. For example, the time that Germany recognized the independence of Slovenia in 1991, The Vatican Radio transmitted the decision of the State of The Vatican City to do the same. Not in a sense of rivalry but as the Vatican could have a great influence to promote other recognitions.

Recently, the Vatican Radio has shown several times interest in independent processes that are occuring in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Basque Country and Catalonia. Under the generic title “winds of secession in Europe with some strength”, last weekend the Vatican Radio aired an interview with Antonio Armellini, Italian Ambassador, regarding the “cry for independence” coming from both Scotland and Catalonia.

In this interview, Armellini remembers, first, that for some time that we can see an evolution that pushes the European Union, which is now in crisis, towards its redefinition. Indeed, the European Union, in the light of its internal crisis, it is not intending to constitute a kind of super state or the current union of states, both of them don’t allow the recognition of certain changes that occur in the inside the European Union itself. In order to save the European Union there is an emerging awareness that it is necessary to return to the original project, which respected a plural Europe. This assumption leads to rediscover a Europe that is able to integrate all its internal movements, including those “countries” that don’t have enough official capacity within the European Union; despite they claim the same rights that belong to all Europeans. Catalonia and Scotland are now pioneering countries that claim equality and respect for difference, i.e. what the proper plural Europe. In other words, Catalonia and Scotland are countries demanding more momentum what should be done within the European Union. As a consequence, other State Members should resume the path of the realization of the ideals underlying the creation of the new Europe, which is to recognize the profound meaning of the claims coming from Scotland and Catalonia. These claims are a Europe that is more just, more equal, more united, less restrictive and more diverse. A European Union that believes in itself.

This seems to be the ideas emanating from the responses of the Ambassador Armellini. Vatican Radio, by sharing these ideas has offered to be an independent mediator, putting themselves at the service of Catalonia and Spain, the latter as a State that does not accept dialogue beyond the concept of autonomous region resulting in a unsatisfactory feeling, at least for the Catalans. In any case, The Vatican Radio is in favour of a plural Europe, a Europe that is truly inclusive, without any limitation or exclusion of “the various components of its internal processes.”

Aureli Argemí

President Emeritus of CIEMEN

President of Plataforma pel Dret de Decidir (PDD)