The president of the Spanish Constitutional Court asks for dialogue between Catalonia and Spain in order to put an end to the judicialisation of the independence process

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Pérez de los Cobos hopes that both parties will reach agreements that will reduce his institution to a role of arbitrator

The President of the Spanish Constitutional Court, Francisco Pérez de los Cobos, has asked for dialogue between the Catalan and Spanish governments in order to diffuse the judicialisation of the conflict between Catalonia and Spain. De los Cobos has said that he was hopeful about the new phase of dialogue, which the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, wishes to impulse, will be useful to reduce th

Spanish Constitutional Court chairman, Francisco Pérez de los Cobos. Source: Vilaweb

e weight of his institution in the solving of political conflicts between the two executives. The judicialisation of politics is not positive -he has said-, although sometimes it can be necessary, and that both parties need to be compliant with the law.

He has said as well that he has hopes in this new dialogue phase, promised by the Spanish government. He believes that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain can not be denied and hould be resolved by means of political agreements. According to him, this goes for the judicialisation of the independence process, but as well for the discrepancies between administrations on other issues.

According to De Los Cobos, a great deal of the Constitutional Court rulings related to the independentist process appeal to this understanding between parties to resolve the problem within the existing normative framework.

He has also minimised the importance of the fact that some of the latest decisions approved by the court have not been unanimous and have received particular votes against them by the magistrates of progressive affiliation. This happened at the beggining of the month, when three magistrates presented particular votes against the sentence that confirms the constitutionality of the reform impulsed by the Mariano Rajoy government so that the Court could disqualify politicians that would not follow its rulings.

On the side of the Catalan government, its spokeswoman Neus Munté has considered this position to be “positive” yet she has found “obvious” that a Constitutional Court could not be the sole resource of the Spanish Government. She has also stated that the Catalan executive has asked for dialogue several times and that the declarations of Pérez de los Cobos respond to the considerations by several European institutions that separation of powers would be under threat in Spain.

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