A Belgian MEP explodes against Spain’s Constitutional Court: “Is Franco back?”

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Helga Stevens, Belgian vice-president of the European Conservative and Reformist group, thus answered a tweet of Ramon Tremosa’s after the Constitutional Court’s ruling against the Referendum and Forcadell.

Helga Stevens (Sint-Truiden [Belgium], 1968) exploded in no uncertain terms against Spain’s Constitutional Court (CC). In a  tweet,  the vice-president of the European Conservatives and Reformist group answered another tweet from MEP Ramon Tremosa on the Constitutional Court’s decision to back the prosecution’s penal actions against Carme Forcadell and four members of the Catalan Parliament’s board.

Tremosa informed in a tweet in English that the CC had suspended the Catalan Referendum and that it could take legal action against the president of the Catalan Parliament. To which Stevens answered in no uncertain terms: “Is Franco back?”.

 “What about Catalan autonomy, freedom of expression and opinion? What about the right to self detemination and the respect for the citizens?” The hashtag #catalanref2017 was added to the tweet.

http://elmon.cat/noticia/187792/una-eurodiputada-explota-contra-el-tc-franco-ha-tornatLink: El Món/ACN