The trial of ex-President Mas, and ex-ministers Ortega i Rigau will start on February 6th

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Vilaweb.   The High Court of Justice of Catalonia (the TSJC, which depends on the Madrid justice system) has announced that the trial for having organized the 9-N Referendum (in which ex-Presidents Mas and ministers Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau are facing charges), will last from February 6th to 10th. The ex-president of the Generalitat, the ex-vice-President and the ex-Minister of Education will thus be facing a five-day trial in the second week of February, accused of prevarication and disobedience, offences for which they might have to face between nine and ten years of inhabilitation.

The court judging the three former government members will be made up of the president of the TSJC and the Civil and Penal Court, Mr Jesús María Barrientos, who will preside over the trial, and magistrate Mr. Carlos Ramos. But a third magistrate will also be required as the rest of the members of the Court are ineligible because one of them instructed it and others  form part of the appeal court for the same case. Now the court has to seek a third member amongst other TSJC magistrates in the social and administrative disputes courts or amongst other magistrates in the penal sections of the Catalan provincial courts.

The prosecutor is asking for a ten-year suspension for Mas and nine-year ones for Ortega and Rigau, after charges of mispending of public funds were withdrawn. These might have led to prison sentences. Although the popular prosecution -led by two Spanish police unions- had asked for six years of prison and 22 of inhabilitation, the TSJC turned it down.