Carme Forcadell: “They’re trying to restrict Parliament”

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The President of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcedell, has responded to the Constitutional Tribunal’s decision to bring her before the state prosecution for allowing a vote to go ahead regarding the conclusions of the Constituent Process report, saying “I would do it again without a doubt”.

During a appearance just before the final session of the General Political Debate, the President of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcedell, publicly explained her reaction to the Constitutional Tribunal’s decision, “the CT has brought the case of the ratification of the report regarding the constituent process before the state prosecution to see whether the fact Parliament debates and votes could be criminal act. I have total calmness and conviction that I did what was necessary in carrying out my roles”.

Forcadell recalled that she allowed the vote to go ahead because two political parties had requested it and the rules stipulate this. She explained that “we strictly complied by the parliamentary rules so that such an extraordinarily normal thing as talking, debating and voting could be carried out in Parliament. This thing that seems so weird to them is the precise essence of parliamentarism”.

According to Forcadell, the CT’s aim is to denaturalise the Parliament itself. “What they’re trying to do is censor and restrict a parliamentary debate. They want a Parliament that won’t carry out the functions for which it was created and that the members of Parliament don’t carry out the work which they were elected to do. Worse still, they want Parliament to be its own censor, for it to do the dirty work”. This, according to Forcadell, makes clear that the state “is in a panic about the freedom of expression” and “is hiding behind politicised tribunals” for “fear of opening a dialogue”.

In response Forcadell put it clearly: “I have bad news for those who don’t want Parliament to debate. You won’t manage to stop us, nor to frighten us, nor to restrict the right of initiative of our members of Parliament. The parliamentarians will be able to go on putting forward the debates which seem interesting to them”.

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