Liz Castro interviews Carme Forcadell, President of the Parliament of Catalonia

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“The Constitutional Tribunal will follow its process, we will follow ours”


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Born in Xerta, Baix Ebre, married and mother of two. She has degrees in Philosophy, Communication Sciences and a Master in Catalan Philology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She worked for TV2 in Catalonia and collaborated with various media platforms.[4] She has worked for the Department of Education since 1985, although now on a sabbatical. As part of this department she has had roles coordinating linguistic normalisation within the Catalan Education Service as well as assessing language, interculturality and social cohesion. She has published teaching material as well as books on language and literature, including a dictionary. She has also collaborated with different media platforms writing about language planning as well as language and identity.


She has been a councillor in the Sabadell City Hall for the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC).

As part of her tireless struggle for linguistic and national rights, she has been connected to the world of specialist interest groups. She went with the Commission of Dignity to Salamanca to ask for documents which had been demanded by the fascist regime in Catalonia. She is a member and founder of the Platform for Language and the Platform for the Right to Decide (PDD), where she has also served as Vice-President.


As founder of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) she was chosen to be President in 2012 until 2015 where she was the public face of the first three major demonstrations demanding independence for Catalonia.

She stood for election to the Catalan Parliament with the coalition Together for Yes (Junts pel Sí) and was named President of the Parliament on 26th October 2015 from where she has firmly defended the sovereignty of the Catalan Parliament.