Verkami: Catalan News Monitor’s crowd-funding campaign online

Catalan MonitorFeature

The Plataforma pel Dret de Decidir has launched its online crowd-funding campaign through Verkami in order to take the Catalan News Monitor project forward into the next stage.

The campaign is seeking donations to fund the project which, up until now, has been maintained thanks to a small amount of private finance, but it is now time for the project to expand.

In this second stage, we want to consolidate a group of people to develop the project in a broader and more consistent way. In order to to make this project more attractive, we will add videos and other types of content as well as collaborating with other groups and platforms which are interested in spreading information about the independence process to the rest of the world, especially the media, universities and decision making bodies.


If the Verkami campaign is even more successful than we have planned, we will begin to work in a further language in order to reach an even greater audience.

Catalonia is currently experiencing a key moment in its history and now more than ever it’s imperative that international players have access to the maximum amount of information about the process for self-determination and that they understand the reasons behind the events which will occur in the coming months.

It’s clear that the image which this process is currently projecting isn’t always properly interpreted by foreign media or the public in general. The reason for that is often a misunderstanding of the Catalan case, on the one hand due to an excessive dependence on what the Spanish media itself says and, on the other, the placement of foreign correspondents in Madrid, for from the sources of information, the news itself and the general day-to-day of Catalonia.

Thus we think it’s necessary to generate content in English which can act as a counterbalance to what is too often considered the official line, dictated by Spanish institutions.


Although there are other Catalan sources publishing news in English, we consider them as friends not competitors. The advantages we are aiming to achieve with the Catalan News Monitor are four-fold:

  1. Regularity – articles published every day
  2. Filtering – we prioritise the really noteworthy and important topics for those people who aren’t necessarily familiar with the Catalan situation – in journalistic terms we are thematic rather than generalist
  3. Brevity – news which can be consumed and shared quickly
  4. Flexibility – useful for those who are new to the topic as well as those who want to delve deeper


Please check out our Verkami page and remember to bookmark to keep up-to-date with the most current events regarding the Catalan independence process.