Catalan literature boom

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Catalan literature (Catalonia Today)

It is a project that began years ago and is being carried out by a team of professionals from different sectors coordinated under the umbrella of the Ramon Llull Institute. The fact is that this joint effort has borne fruit and Catalan literature is today known abroad as never before, with over a hundred translations per year, most of which receive economic support from the Llull.


Catalonia’s diplomatic offensive

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Le Figaro

La Catalogne va se doter de nouvelles représentations à l’étranger en 2015, pour anticiper une éventuelle sécession si le camp indépendantiste l’emporte lors des élections régionales annoncées pour septembre, a-t-on appris aujourd’hui auprès de son exécutif.


Review: Victus – The Fall of Barcelona, by Albert Sánchez Pinol

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Catalan independence (Irish Times)

Spanish prime mariano Rajoy recently went to Paris to express his support for freedom of expression in the wake of the horrific killings there. Last September the Instituto Cervantes was due to launch the Dutch edition of Victus. Just days before it was due to be held, the Spanish embassy in the Netherlands ordered that the launch be cancelled.