Simon Harris: “Keys to the Mas-Junqueras Agreement”

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The Mas-Junqueras Agreement reached last night comes as great relief as it allows the Catalan independence process to move forward with elections on September 27th 2015. However, the two leaders have agreed on other aspects that will hopefully allow Catalonia to become independent following the elections.


Catalonia sets date for early elections

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Catalan independence (El País)

September 27 is the next big date on the Catalan leader’s calendar for regional independence, a project that reached a climax on November 9 last year with an informal referendum on self-rule that was closely followed by the Madrid central government.


Catalan Leader Calls Early Vote in Push for Independence

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Artur Mas (Bloomberg)

Mas reached an agreement with his separatist rival, Esquerra Republicana leader Oriol Junqueras, to run separate tickets, but with a common road map toward secession, making it a de facto referendum on secession.


Defiant Catalonia leader Artur Mas calls early election

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Catalan independence (BBC News)

Mr Mas’s pro-independence CiU coalition has failed to agree on a joint candidate list with the second-biggest party, the similarly separatist ERC. But they say that before the vote they will present a common roadmap towards independence from Spain. The region already has a high degree of autonomy.