Pro-independence parties disagree on roadmap

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Oriol Junqueras (ERC) greets president Artur Mas (CDC) Credits: Diari Ara
Following the success of November 9’s non-binding referendum on Catalan independence, the three main political parties supporting secession disagree on which step to take next. The notion of a “unitary list”, first put forward by president Artur Mas [ARA], is not the preferred option for the left-leaning ERC and CUP, who would rather see different pro-independence blocs united under a pro-independence banner but “each preserving its own ideology and distinctive economic and social policies”.

During a conference held yesterday, ERC leader Oriol Junqueras said that during the election campaign pro-independence blocs should make “an explicit mention of the independence goal as part of their platform, holding joint campaign events, and including civil society representatives in their structure”, according to Vilaweb.

The third party openly backing independence from Spain, the CUP, don’t share Artur Mas’ electoral plans either. Despite backing Artur Mas’ secessionist goal and some of the step towards that end –such as the November 9 referendum–, CUP MP’s have been harsh critics of the ruling CiU administration, especially regarding austerity measures and corruption allegations. CUP’s Quim Arrufat has prompted Artur Mas [Nació Digital] to “joinly set an independentist agenda”, while stating that “electoral plurality is the best way of exhibiting political diversity”.

Beyond the partisan arena, Catalonia’s biggest pro-independence grassroots organisation, the ANC, considers Artur Mas’s proposed candidature “a good starting point”, and its president Carme Forcadell has called on the ERC and CUP “to be open to reaching an agreement on the single list” [Vilaweb].

The following days will certainly prove crucial in displaying the strength and unity of the pro-independence movement in Catalonia, Catalonia Today suggests on today’s editorial:

Catalonia Today | Editorial: Junqueras outlines his roadmap
It is here, in consolidating the solidification of separatist forces, where a lot of work must be done over the next few weeks, because in addition to a specific way of presenting candidacy for crucial elections, there is the way of working to fulfill the people’s mandate. And this mandate, if it is sovereignty that awaits, cannot be built on suspicion or distrust.

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