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The Washington Post | Spanish army chief makes dark comments about Catalonia secession bid
Chief of the General Staff Jaime Domínguez Buj likened the current state of affairs in the country to Spain’s losses more than a century ago during the Spanish-American War. “When the metropolis is weak,” Dominguez said, “the collapse happens.” By metropolis, he is using a term popular among academics for the center of political and colonial power in an empire.

[…] Dominguez went on, insisting his army “is prepared to intervene at home or abroad, to go to Afghanistan or Valencia” to uphold the Spanish Constitution. Valencia is a city and region along Spain’s Mediterranean coast, south of Catalonia.

BBC | Prosecutors in Spain to charge Catalonia leader Mas
Charges will also be laid against Mr Mas’s deputy, Joana Ortega, and Catalan Education Minister Irene Rigau. The three politicians face accusations ranging from disobedience and perverting the course of justice to misuse of public funds.

The Swiss author Stephane Riand responds to the remarks made by the philosopher Jürgen Habermas during an interview at L’Express a few days ago, in which he compared the Catalan democratic aspirations to the success of the xenophobic Front National in France.

Mediapart | Catalonia. Jürgen Habermas and communicational nonsense [in French] Assimiler ainsi Oriol Junqueras, Artur Mas, David Fernandez, Xavier Trias, Francesc Homs ou Carme Forcadell au Front National et à Marine Le Pen est la démonstration ultime de l’infinie bêtise qui peut surgir des plus grandes têtes dès l’instant où celles-ci méconnaissent les fondements du réel qui a conduit ces hommes vers la conclusion de la nécessité pour la Catalogne de se constituer en un État indépendant.

Future of the UK and Scotland | What next for independence movements in Europe?
The [November 9] poll has amplified the Commission’s migraine. […] What should the EU do? At the moment, the official position is to keep its head down and say nothing about the internal affairs of one of its valued member-states. But will this strategy work when more independence referendums – official or unofficial – add more cracks in the sovereignty of the EU’s currency member-states?

Vilaweb | Paul Preston: ‘There is rejection of Madrid’s such antidemocratic behaviour’
An interview to the renowned English historian, one of the major experts in Spanish studies, and signee of the ‘Let Catalans vote’ manifesto. The full English transcription available at Vilaweb.

The Local Spain | Army prepared to act on Catalonia: chief of staff
Spain’s top soldier was accused of inflaming tensions over Catalonia on Tuesday when he appeared to compare the current independence push in Catalonia with the collapse of the Spanish empire in the nineteenth century.

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