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Bloomberg | Catalonia’s Vote Was a Success. Now Negotiate
Perhaps for the first time, the national government in Madrid made the smart choice, allowing the nonbinding “consultation” to go forward without interference from the police. In that same spirit, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy should now arrange for a proper referendum and a free and full debate.

The Guardian | The Guardian view on Spain’s mishandling of the referendum movement in Catalonia
“In Spain, earlier, concessions on autonomy, tax and language might have been sufficient to head off a vote. Not now. The Catalans, including some who wish to stay in Spain, want their vote, and they are going to get it.”

The Irish Times | Cataluña says Sí in unofficial poll: Madrid should learn from Scotland
“Madrid must respond with generosity and understanding to the vote, acknowledging it represents a huge level of alienation. It must be prepared to explore new federal alternatives to the current state whose authority and legitimacy has been badly dented. If it does not, Catalonia and other provinces will not be long denied their independence.”

The Spanish Ambassador in Dublin sent this outraged letter in response to the op-ed: Catalonia, Spain and national identity.

Not an editorial properly, but The Independent published a damning op-ed by its Foreign editor Alistair Dawber:

The Independent | Catalans who want independence are being thwarted by a flawed Spanish constitution
“The merits or otherwise of Catalan independence hardly matter. The government in Madrid, by refusing to engage with the Catalans and invoking the high legal principle that even an expression of opinion runs counter to the Spanish constitution, has created a problem from which it cannot easily extract itself.”