Corruption scandals in Catalonia: Liechtenstein investigation “requested by Spain”

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Ara | Ernesto Ekaizer: “Spain asked Liechtenstein to investigate Pujol”
Ernesto Ekaizer, journalist from the “El País” newspaper, told “El matí de Catalunya Ràdio” that the news from Liechtenstein of the investigation into Pujol is part of a campaign by the Interior Ministry of Jorge Fernández Díaz, as it is Spain that has requested the information. The journalist added that the State is using the news to smokescreen the charges against former Spanish minister Ángel Acebes.

Also the Catalan News Agencyvia Vilaweb– reports on the connections between the Catalan former president Jordi Pujol new stance on the independence issue and the recent investigations regarding corruption in his family:

There are many hints suggesting that the Spanish authorities knew about Pujol’s activities for decades but decided to cover up for him as he was stopping Catalonia’s pro-independence movement from growing. However, in 2012, Jordi Pujol senior stated for the first time that he would vote for independence. The news about his family’s fortune started back then, followed by judicial investigations, even though there had been rumours circulating for many years. CNA | Judicial investigations heat up against Pujol family’s alleged fiscal offenses and influence peddling