FC Barcelona state support to referendum

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Representatives of Football Club Barcelona have made public the team’s engagement with the Pacte Nacional pel Dret de Decidir (National Pact for Self-determination), a platform which has the support of more than 3.500 Catalan organisations –from NGO’s to political parties–. The final goal aim of such alliance is to campaign for the right to hold a free and democratic self-determination vote in Catalonia, no matter the individual stance in the independence debate.

FC Barcelona has already signalled its position in favour of self-determination for Catalonia in a declaration made in the President’s Report at the 2013 Members Representatives Meeting – the maximum authority of the Club. In that statement, then President Sandro Rosell explained: “we will always be there for our country and for the will of its people. We defend the right to self-determination because that forms a part of the fundamental rights which all people and nations must have”. – FC Barcelona

This news comes a few days after the president of the Spanish Professional Football League, Javier Tebas, told journalists that ‘If Catalonia became independent, taking into consideration the Sports Law that would be enforced by the rest of Spain, Barcelona wouldn’t be allowed to play,’ [see Metro | Barcelona could be forced to quit La Liga if Catalonia independence goes ahead, making El Clasico a thing of the past]. Within a few hours of this statement, reports arose that Barça executives might have already sounded out French football league authorities in order to evaluate the feasibility of such an option.

Although it is obvious that there isn’t a foreseen procedure in the event of Catalan independence, it’s highly likely that a modification of the Spanish Sports Law –or the French one, for that matter– might take place in order to preserve the appeal and revenue of having Barça –as well as other major Catalan clubs– abroad.

France 24 | Catalan referendum: Could Barça take shelter at Ligue 1? [French] Xavier Trias [Barcelona mayor]: “We [Catalonia] d0n’t have the possibility of creating a competitive football league. […] We would have too few teams, so Barcelona would be obliged to join another championship. This could well be the French League or the Spanish one.

Still in French language, the online journal Ijsberg Magazine has published an informed series on Catalan independence, among which there’s a report on sports [Sportspeople and Catalans: the controversial stances, in French], outlining the different points of view by well-known sportsmen and women on the subject of independence.

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